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Glow Up Experience by Fresnel Evergreen

Some Juicy Goodness About the Retreat

Discover the Region

Are you ready to unplug from your daily grind, slow down and listen for your deepest inner calling? How could a transformative experience serve you to create your next chapter with more ease, peace, fulfillment and love?
The Glow Up Experience might be your answer.

You could be with us May 29th - June 4th, 2023...
We’ve created a beautiful seven-day/six-night experiential, transformative journey in the Conde Nast-rated Yobaba Lounge in the South of France. Nestled in the Pyrenees mountains, this renowned retreat center is in the beautiful medieval village of Chalabre, near Lac Montbel, the cities of Carcassonne and Limoux (the birthplace of sparkling wine), and just 90-minutes from the Mediterranean coast.

The region is filled with rolling hills of greenery, much of it grape vines, beautiful vistas, and fresh air. Life moves slower and quieter there, and the spiritual energy is palpable, making it a perfect backdrop for inner exploration that helps you return to a place of wholeness, inner peace, fulfillment, happiness, and flow.


Here’s What You Can Expect:

You’ll unhook from the outer world, slow down and tune deeply within yourself, as you explore what’s been working in your life and what has instead stolen your glow, dulling your shine. You’ll have experiences that support you to know and express your Divine wholeness as an integrated spiritual:human person. You'll feel yourself harmonizing your masculine and feminine aspects beautifully as you are transported into deeper connection to your Higher Self. 

From that clarity, you’ll be guided into practices that help you create your breakthroughs. We’ll be exploring nature’s gifts, physical movement, creative expression, and release practices that help you free yourself from whatever is weighing you down. You’ll be building a personalized toolkit to help you sustain your upward spiral into your higher Consciousness, and amazing new possibilities. Feel yourself soaring into better and better tomorrows!

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Learn about our special integration practice, called Embodiology®!

Here’s the Glow Up Experience in a Nutshell…

  • You start exploring and expanding what you KNOW about why you are where you are…physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually…
  • That brings you deeper self-awareness that delivers clarity
  • From that, you move into working with various transformational tools and practices that give you the opportunity to GROW your capacity for higher vibration expression and experiences…
  • You leverage personal responsibility to notice yourself in “darkness” and you consciously choose to shift yourself back into the light…whenever and wherever and however it happens, you shift yourself
  • Little by little and more and more, you notice synchronicities, and you discern what is calling to you, and you choose…and you create what allows you to have the life that you desire and deserve. 

You’ll be creating your own personalized toolkit with very practical, actionable resources from the retreat to go home with. You’ll know they work for you because you will have practiced them in France with your facilitation team by your side to help you tweak them to your specific needs and circumstances. The combination of practice and integration we’ll use in France will make it much easier to keep your shifts evolving long-term when you return home. 

Our movement integrative experience

Hear a Preview of Your Daily Activities

Top 5 Reasons to Attend 

The Transformation This Experience Can Deliver

This experiential journey will enable inner shifts that will impact your business results, your relationships, your creativity, your receivingness, your ability to play, and your capacity for joy and love. 

  • You will start to notice that ease and peace are more prevalent in your life. 
  • You will feel lighter and more free.
  • You will attract more and more of what you want, and less and less of what you don’t.
  • You will be more fluid as you navigate the rhythms, chapters, and stages of your life. 
  • You will consciously choose what serves you at the highest levels in every moment.
  • You will feel your Higher Self supporting you to remember and act from your harmonized masculine/feminine and innate Divinity.    
  • Ultimately...you will operate at a new level of personal responsibility, meaning you will do whatever it takes to continually nurture your own high-vibration state-of-being to keep yourself in 'glow and flow.'

Imagine being a fly on the wall in your life, noticing what happens when something triggers you. Imagine seeing the old conditioned patterns try to high-jack your thoughts and behaviors toward the darkness. Then, imagine putting your new toolkit into action, and with skill and dexterity, managing the situation while maintaining your glow

That CAN be your future self…the more resourceful and resilient you, anchored in the processes that enable you to continue to spiral up into your best life. This means that whenever you need to access and activate them, you will be able to. It will become like second nature, and you'll be powerfully dealing with whatever the future brings. 

Ultimately, you will be creating your unstoppable momentum toward what you've always desired and deserved: a fulfilling and successful life that inspires and delights you. You will contribute the best of yourself to those you love and the world at large. 

Are you feeling what more could be possible in every aspect of your personal and business life from this journey with us?!

Your facilitation team has a collective experience of more than 60 years leading this kind of transformative journey for hundreds of people. Our clients, students, and past retreatants have trusted us to shepherd them to a whole new way of being themselves in their lives.

As a result of their courage and perseverance, they’re now living at a higher vibration, and they frequently tell us things like “I feel so different.”, “this really is a new me!”, and “I’ve never felt this comfortable and confident in my own skin.” 

This is where your best glow comes from…the inner knowing that you are fully equipped to master your life, and as a result, all is well and it’s all for the best. 


Discover Our Venue: Yobaba Lounge

“This house has the feel of a secret temple... It’s both majestic and louche, part grand house, part boho shack, accessorized via Marrakech, Ethiopia and Liberty of London” ~ Conde Nast Traveller

You will feel the one-of-a-kind specialness of Yobaba Lounge in every nook and cranny. It was the only French retreat center featured in Taschen’s 2020 roundup of the world’s best yoga retreat centers.

Spacious, eclectic, inviting and wholesome are the words that came to heart when I first walked the chateau and grounds in August of 2022. I knew within the first few steps that I would return with a group seeking a respite from their day-to-day whatever, and  together, we'd slide into an ease, peace and Grace supported by the house, the team and the lineage of the land. My vision is unfolding through this Glow Up Experience, and I'm delighted!

Below are a few photos of the beauty and elegance of the bedrooms and community spaces. Our tuition investments are based on double occupancy accommodations, meaning two people sharing a room and bathroom (separate beds). There are a limited number of single rooms available on a first come first served basis. A single supplement applies. Please let us know if you're interested in this option.

A double room is perfect when you take advantage of our Bring-a-Friend Special! Transformation is even better when you can share the experience with someone special, AND create an accountability partner to support you into the future.

We have discounted the investment for the 2nd person, so together, you can split the total rate and each save a bundle!

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Tuition Investment Explained

  • Early-bird rate available through April 15, 2023: $7,497 USD (25% off full tuition rate).
  • April 16-May 7th, 2023: $8,497 USD (15% off full tuition rate).
  • May 8-15th, 2023: $9,997 USD

Please Note: The rates are based on double occupancy accommodations, meaning two people sharing a room and bathroom (separate beds). There are a limited number of single rooms available on a first come first served basis. A single supplement applies.

Bring-a-Friend Special! Transformation is even better when you can share the experience with someone special, AND create an accountability partner to support you into the future.

Discounted tuition rate for the 2nd person in your party is as follows:

  • Early-bird rate available through April 15, 2023: $12,497 USD for two people (2nd person is $5,000 off full tuition rate, or a 40% discount for two people).
  • April 16-May 7th, 2023: $14,497 USD for two people (2nd person is $4,000 off, or a 28% discount for two people).
  • May 8-15th, 2023: Our Bring-a-Friend discount no longer applies.

Payment Terms:

  • Payment accepted via PayPal, Venmo and credit card.
  • $2,500 USD non-refundable deposit per person due to secure one of the ten spots.
  • Balance of tuition is due no later than May 15th, 2023.
  • Cancellation results in the balance paid above the deposit being credited toward future retreats.

What’s Included?

Your tuition covers:

  • Seven glorious days (May 29-June 4th, 2023) in the South of France at the Conde Nast-rated medieval chateau, Yobaba Lounge (https://yobabalounge.com).
  • Roundtrip airport transfers.
  • Double occupancy accommodations (a limited number of single rooms may be available on request, first come, first served; a single supplement applies).
  • Three gourmet vegan meals per day and select non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Retreat materials.
  • A personal onsite wellness package, compliments of Yobaba Lounge.
  • One special excursion in the region to support your transformation.
  • Two months of virtual, bi-weekly, 60-minute group coaching follow-up sessions with retreat facilitators in June and July 2023.
  • A couple of special surprises along the way.
  • No longer applicable: Over $10,000 USD worth of bonuses for Registrations prior to May 7th ONLY
    • “Living Happy to be ME!: Dancing Your Soul Lightstyle©by Dr. Valerie René Sheppard ($30 USD Value)
    • Hypnosis Clarity Session w/Zoe Walters ($250 USD Value)
    • Angel Blessing Cards and Archangel Mists ($125 USD Value)
    • Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil ($35 USD Value)
    • Guidance Card Reading with Intuitive Channeling from Zoe Walters ($111 USD Value)
    • 2 Weeks of virtual Joy in Motion™  classes with the creator of Embodiology® ($80 USD Value)
    • Dr. Valerie’s “Get Into Your Bliss©” online, 10-week bliss acceleration course ($2,497 USD Value)
    • VIP Session with the facilitator of your choice ($2,500 USD Value)
    • Bring-a-Friend Discount ($5,000 USD Value)

What's Not Included in This Package?

  • Flight costs and baggage fees
  • Visa fees
  • Additional nights accommodations, either at Yobaba Lounge or offsite
  • Additional treatments onsite at Yobaba Lounge or offsite
  • Additional activities not included in the itinerary

Tuition Options from 5/08/23 on. Please click on the dropdown menu below to choose your payment option.

Meet Your Lead Facilitator, Dr. Valerie René Sheppard

Dr. Valerie René Sheppard is a catastrophic-stroke survivor, self-mastery expert, inspirational keynote speaker, university lecturer, and CEO of The Heartly Center for Mindfulness and Self-Mastery™. Dr. Valerie uses the principles and practices in her multi award-winning, #1 international best-seller, “Living Happy to Be ME!©” as the centerpiece of her transformational practice, which is helping young people and adults, executives and entrepreneurs experience more happiness, success and fulfillment.

Dr. Valerie has a track record of helping clients de-stress and meet life’s ups and downs with more courage, confidence, inner peace and happiness. Using the spiritual 4-Step process she created from her own journey of transformation, she shepherds clients to heal from the past, reprogram negative conditioning, and create more vibrant lives and thriving businesses.

Dr. Valerie is especially thrilled, honored, grateful and committed to heart-centered leadership, demonstrated impact on entrepreneurial excellence, and positive contribution to the vibration of the planet.

Some other ways you can learn about Dr. Valerie:


The Heartly Center®

Dr. Valerie’s YouTube Channel

Dr. Valerie's Clients and Students Share About Their Results

Kerri Hummingbird: Valerie Sheppard is an expert wise guide!

Ellie Karayan: Dr. Valerie's teachings made a huge impact on my life!

Bianca Black: Dr. Valerie's teachings turned my life around.

Tori Colby: Very inspiring, motivating and life-changing!

Teresa Greco: Very enlightening, helped me with self-reflection.

Alex Wong: I'm more positive, more self-aware and happy!

Meeting Valerie and engaging in her teachings has been one of the most impactful experiences in my young career. Much more than practical advice, Valerie has enabled me with the tools to continuously manifest and reach the high levels of self-growth and wellness that I had been longing for. The perspectives I have gained have truly been a revelation in aligning myself with my goals/intentions and living life with a sense of balance and purpose. Forever in gratitude! ~ J. Alvarez

Valerie Sheppard is one of the most incredible human beings you will ever meet. She has discovered the secret to living an authentic, fulfilled, happy life, and she genuinely wants to help other people learn how to live their best life, too. Valerie is professional yet personable; captivating and powerful yet warm and welcoming. If you ever have the chance to meet or work with Valerie, please seize that opportunity! ~ T. Neighbors

Valerie has helped me to examine important questions about myself. She keeps my focus on me even when I find I am looking towards outside sources for answers. She consistently identifies new ways of exploring issues that shed light on new and old problems. Her guidance has created balance, perspective, purpose and strategy. I feel more confident about my direction and Valerie has been an important part that. ~ E. Moore

It was a delight to attend Valerie’s workshop! The workshop material was filled with wisdom and love. Valerie’s greatest strength is that she’s been through it all. Her first-hand accounts of personal transformation are truly valuable.  ~D.  Macek

Valerie Sheppard brings to life the rare combination of high level corporate leadership, fun, respect and admiration combined with the importance of living one’s heartfelt purpose. Her background and current relationships with extraordinary leaders in the world of transformation and coaching provide individuals access to life changing, heart-opening and joy-filled experiences. Valerie’s laser focused listening skills and knowledge of transformational modalities allows individuals to create their path for their dream life. I’m grateful to have her in my life and will always listen carefully to her counsel. ~ B. Ragan

When I think of Valerie Sheppard, I think of her powerful perspective and impact. She practices the philosophy of being “on the journey” with those she guides, as well as leader or coach. This builds trust and gives her the listening ear people need and want. She provides a process for growth and guides the traveler in every step with both accountability and heart-felt supportive energy. Her holistic approach to personal growth truly helps those around her discover unique new ways to blend heart, body, mind, and spirit. ~ R. Kempton

Thank you my dear friend and sister…today’s workshop was beyond words! I’m still laughing at the joy I experienced! Your guidance, love and heartfelt connection with all of us was exactly what I was needing. I am walking away with new insight, tools and clarity on what”s next in my journey. ~L. Card

Valerie Sheppard is a loving and compassionate person who is a gifted spiritual mentor and life coach. After just 3 private coaching sessions, Valerie was able to help me identify some core beliefs that were blocking me from living my life to its fullest potential. With guidance from Valerie, I was able to regain confidence, rebuild a relationship and make a move on my new career. I lovingly recommend Valerie to those seeking to transform themselves spiritually, financially and emotionally. ~ M. Fisher

 Valerie René Sheppard certainly deserved the standing ovation she received from the Wednesday Night Live Spirit, Mind and Body speaker’s forum tonight! A powerful and profound presentation! Thank you Valerie for being You! We are so deeply Blessed!  ~Dr. S. Stroud

Valerie René Sheppard’s Guided Meditation CD is quite an asset to own.  The message is clear and simple for BEING and becoming happier.  The music chosen is perfect background for grounding yourself during the meditations.  The vocals are clear, bright, crisp and happy.  I feel if you purchase her CD, you will be thoroughly pleased and will use it repeatedly.  ~ Daya Devi-Doolin

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to be religious?
    No. Dr. Valerie provides spiritual wisdom and it is not tied to any one religious belief system. Her primary belief is one God, many paths, and she incorporates wisdom and practices from many divine sources.

  2. Can men attend?
    Absolutely, yes. Men and women benefit from greater discernment, deeper connection to their Divinity, and embodiment of spiritual practices that serve the many aspects of their lives. All of this is offered through The Glow Up Experience.

  3. What if I can’t be there the whole time?
    The retreat content is facilitated over a 7 day arc, and it would not provide the same level of healing and transformation to only be there part of the time. So, no we do not accept partial attendance.

  4. Can young people attend?
    Yes. Dr. Valerie has experience shepherding through transformation people from ages 15 to 80.
  5. Can I bring my work team?
    Yes, as long as there are spots available. Your team will be integrated with other attendees. If there aren’t spots available for your entire team, Dr. Valerie would be delighted to work with you to create a private experience for your team.

  6. What’s the average temp in the region?
    An average of over 300 days of sunshine a year! Occitania and its coastline is the sunniest region in France. Early spring runs into a hot summer (25-30°C) that often continues into an Indian summer and warm autumn until the first snow falls in the Pyrenees. Visit-occitanie.com https://www.visit-occitanie.com/en/useful/informations/about-occitania/people-weather-scenery/
  7. Are single rooms available?
    Yes, with a single supplement of $85 per night. Please note there is limited availability so it’s a first come, first served basis.

  8. What physical level do I need to be? Can you accommodate people with disabilities?
    Yes, we can accommodate a limited number of people with disabilities (in fact, Dr. Valerie has physical disabilities herself). There are some accommodations on the ground floor and we are happy to look at other ways to ensure a full and positive experience of all aspects of the retreat.

  9. Can you help me organize a longer stay in France?
    Dr. Valerie and her facilitation team do not provide this service. You can reach out to the Yobaba Lounge team and see what recommendations they have to assist you.

  10. Can I make payments?
    Yes. A $2,500 USD non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot. Installment payments can be made by automatic charge to a bank account or credit card, and final payment must be completed by May 15th, 2023.

  11. Do you take reservations?
    We reserve your spot with a $2,500 USD non-refundable deposit. Your spot will be held as long as your full tuition is paid by May 15th, 2023.

  12. What do you mean by “gourmet vegan?”
    In the words of owner and Head Chef Gertrud Keazor: “Food has become a ritual at Yobaba.” An onsite garden and local farms supply veggies, edible flowers and herbs. A spring in nearby Alet-les-Bains is a primary water source, providing digestive benefits. Cold-brewed herbal teas are made onsite. Gram flour is fermented with homemade Kombucha to make the fluffiest pancakes and waffles. Chef Gertrud creates all the recipes and lovingly creates the experiences around meals. The food and the rituals surrounding it at Yobaba support mindful eating practice and satiate all appetites.