Meet Valerie René Sheppard…in Her Own Words

I am Valerie René Sheppard, intuitive healer, leadership expert and happiness junkie!  I’d like to help you explore your heart’s desires, unleash your full power, and create an authentic you to live a fulfilling and happy life.  I have a diverse coaching background spanning more than 20 years, including working with adolescent girls, homeless women, college students, and adult professionals.  I am a certified Sacred Contracts instructor through the Caroline Myss Education Institute.  I’ve received praise for my coaching ability by students, mentees and peers.

Coaching fulfills a calling from within to serve others in their efforts to transform themselves and their lives.  In the end, as we each grow and develop in consciousness, we heal the planet, and that is a mission worth my time and energy!  My calling toward service developed in the background of my awareness as I busily focused on my 25+ year marketing career.  First, I became unsettled with what I was achieving and the legacy I was creating.  I wasn’t happy with how I was relating interpersonally, and my accomplishments, material possessions, and financial status no longer fulfilled me.  I was not pleased with the woman I was being, and I was no longer happy with the things I was doing.  But I didn’t know why.  I often thought the reasons were outside of me and found myself blaming and shaming others for the things in my life I didn’t like or want.  I was sad, resentful, tired, and disillusioned.

I found I wasn’t the only one.  The more I talked to others about my own situation, the more I found similarities in the experiences, and the questioning.  Many lamented decisions made long ago that had them seemingly trapped.  Others feared failure should they attempt something new, opting instead for the familiar/routine.  Still others wished they had a clearer sense of what they truly desired and how to get it.

I started spiritual exploration, reading books, watching films, and attending personal enrichment courses.  I became aware of my habitual thinking, evaluated past choices and motivations, and explored my heart’s desires.  I also delved into what it was about ME that was holding me back.  I took personal inventory, worked with master teachers and listened deeply to what people told me about myself.

As I committed to spiritual practices to free myself and create a post-radical sabbatical life that would be more fulfilling and vibrant, I felt a deep calling to give back.  As one of my teachers calls it “returning to the world with gift-bestowing hands.” So I’ve created a path to turn experiences from my own journey into a means to help others explore, awaken and discover Truth.  I created a personal mission statement: 

The realizations were amazing. I found hidden fears, false beliefs, and victim mentality that had been building up through the twists and turns of my life.  I had learned to be in the world a certain way in order to achieve, and that way was serving me in one way, but really hindering me in another.  I was hiding behind fears of failure and abandonment, mired in my intellect/analytical mind, and disconnected from my heart.

My purpose now is to help others be free from limitations, reconnect to the Essence they already are, and step into their full power to create the lives the deeply want to live.

Some Things I Do Very Well…According to My Colleagues, Clients and Students

I will help you tap into a stronger sense of Self and realize a heightened sense of direction to overcome obstacles, strengthen relationships, define your life purpose, and embrace the Truth of who you are.  As part of my exploration of Self, I asked several friends and colleagues what they believe I do well.   Here are the things they shared that reflect how I would work with you within my personal leadership practice:

  • Teaching spiritual principles in a way that is interesting, positive, upbeat and actionable
  • Authenticity
  • Seeing life’s endless possibilities
  • A beautiful voice and presence for sharing spiritual messages and leading guided meditations
  • Transforming yourSelf spiritually and emotionally
  • Desire to have others experience their highest potential and expecting the best from them
  • Fun to be around and an authentic, infectious laugh that comes from your whole body
  • Motivating others and helping them turn their visions into reality
  • Outstanding at providing well thought out feedback to people
  • Finding the humor in situations
  • Strength of character, self-awareness and integrity
  • I see you as this spiritual Zen warrior woman, joyful in being, flag planted in Truth

For more about me check out my LinkedIn Profile

Check out my LinkedIn profile

Stay well and be happy!